Apollo 14 Lunar Golf Club

Apollo 14 Golf Club

The Apollo missions were an incredible and historic achievement.  Landing on the moon was fraught with danger. This doesn’t mean that the astronauts lost their sense of adventure (or humor).  One famous example was the time astronaut Alan Shepard decided to play a round of golf… on the moon…

Using a soil sampler outfitted with a 6-iron head, on February 6, 1971, Shepard hit two golf balls. He was heard to say that the second shot went “miles and miles.”  The original golf club was returned to Earth and now resides in a museum. However, no authentic replica of this historic artifact has been available, until now…

Artifactory brings you this precision replica of the Apollo 14 Lunar Golf Club, recreated from a direct study of the original artifact.  Each replica is recreated in machined and cast aluminum with plastic components, exactly like the real one!  A lunar surface display base is included. And just like the original, our replica breaks down for compact transport!

Sorry, this replica is meant for display only; it’s not intended for use in playing golf, even on the Moon.

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