Titulus Crucis Fragment

Titulus Crucis Fragment

This deteriorated fragment is all that remains of the full plaque that was supposedly attached to the cross of Jesus in 33 AD.  The relic currently resides in the church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome.  Numerous tests have been conducted on this fragment over the years, but scientists and historians still cannot agree upon its authenticity.

Whether this fragment is authentic or not… we may never know.  But regardless, it is a fascinating glimpse into the details of Jesus’ crucifixion, which the Bible and historians have proven, was real.

This fragment is actually a small portion of a much-larger (approximately 25-inch by 7-inch) wooden plaque that would have hung on the cross.  The size of the original has been interpolated based on the marking’s size and spacing.

The master pattern for our replica was constructed with 3-D computer design and rapid prototyping, using high-resolution, reference images of the original fragment.  Each replica is molded in high-quality resin, and is hand-painted in authentic colors by the artisans in our PA facility.

Each replica comes with a story photo booklet explaining the background of the original relic and the creation of our replicas in more detail.  Please note, the replica is unfinished on one side –- the bottom side or back side — as it is intended to be displayed on a wall.

A brief video explaining the background of the Titulus fragment in more detail can be found here:

We will also be offering a replica of the complete, full-size plaque as it would have appeared at the time of its creation in 33 AD.
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*This product is unfinished on the back side as it is meant to be displayed on a wall.

Please allow up to 14 days for shipping.

Product Specs

Gross (shipping) Weight 3 lbs
Product (net) Weight 2 lbs
Gross (shipping) Dimensions 4 x 8 x 12 in
Product (net) Dimensions 1 X 5.5 X 9.75 in