Fossil Replicas

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These are the premiere pieces in Artifactory’s extensive line of authentic fossil recreations.

Each one is cast directly from a rare, original piece loaned to us by various museums and collectors. All replicas are molded in extremely-durable Smooth-On resins. We never use brittle polystone or worse…plaster. Those materials are not archival-quality and would not withstand even a simple drop to the table or floor.

The resin we use has a compressive strength of over 3500 psi and is amazingly durable and impact-resistant during handling or even the occasional drop-kick across the room! Therefore, our replicas are perfect for homeschoolers or classroom education, as you don’t have to worry about rough handling. You can rest assured that your Artifactory fossil replica will be around for a long time!

Best of all, every one of our models are molded and hand-painted by our artisans in the USA. Each replica receives as many as seven different hand-applied colors; using such diverse art-techniques as dry-brushing, air-brushing, and washes. For durability, the base-color of each fossil is cast directly into the resin using dyes. Each is thoroughly quality-controlled before shipment.

Many even come with attractive glass and cardboard display cases with foam liners, or mounted to hardwood display bases.