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Artifactory is proud to offer select, high-quality, reproductions of engineering blueprint drawings: historic schematics of famous spacecraft obtained from NASA’s digital archive. From the 1960’s Apollo moon missions to the recent Space Shuttle Program (coming soon), each Aero-Art reproduction has been digitally enhanced to remove wrinkles, tears, and water stains, allowing you to enjoy a pristine work of art.

All Aero-Art by Scott Lowther.


Blueprints are more than just technical drawings, they are a testament to man’s ingenuity and creativity — an integral part of the process that allowed mankind to build machines to send astronauts into space. They are outstanding examples of mechanical engineering but also genuine works of art. From the smooth curves of the Space Shuttle to the rectangular, straight, lines of the non-aerodynamic LEM, these detailed prints let you appreciate the form and function of these amazing machines.

Blueprints for the early years of the United States space program were done by hand. Today’s mechanical drawings are created using computers far more advanced than those flown aboard Apollo spacecraft over forty years ago. By studying these blueprints you can connect with history and get a better appreciation for the engineering skills that were used in the creation of these historic vehicles.