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Pioneer 10 & 11 Interstellar Greeting Plaque

Launched on March 2, 1972, and April 5, 1973, Pioneer 10 and 11, began their journey to the edge of our solar system.  Both unmanned spacecrafts carry an “Interstellar Greeting Plaque“, showing the Earth, the sun, and our planetary system’s location in the galaxy.  The plaque was designed by Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. Frank Drake and drawn by Linda Salzman […]


More Aero-Art Blueprints!

Because you asked for more, you got it. Artifactory will soon be producing more prints – prints that will make your fingers turn blue!  (Well, okay, your fingers won’t really turn blue because the ink won’t rub off, but you get the idea.) NASA Real Space V-2 Plan Engine Thrust Structure US Army Diagram Mercury set of […]