The mysterious Monolith appeared to humanity three times in history: during the Dawn of Man; in the Tycho Crater on the Moon; and in the alien’s White Room.  To science fiction fans, the Monolith is as recognizable as the Colosseum or Great Pyramid.

Artifactory will soon offer three versions to commemorate the historic dates.  Each Monolith, made of heavy Corian, measures 11.5″ x 4 5/8″ x 1″ and has a smooth, lustrous black finish.  Each is mounted on a specific base, as depicted below in an artists’ rendering.

2001 monolith-concept-art 3 versions dawn of man tycho crater jupiter orbit

Each base plate recreates the site at which they were found.  All three versions of the Monolith and  its base will have the same dimensions, making an excellent side-by-side display.

price each: $179