Pioneer 10 & 11 Interstellar Greeting Plaque

Launched on March 2, 1972, and April 5, 1973, Pioneer 10 and 11, began their journey to the edge of our solar system.  Both unmanned spacecrafts carry an “Interstellar Greeting Plaque“, showing the Earth, the sun, and our planetary system’s location in the galaxy.  The plaque was designed by Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. Frank Drake and drawn by Linda Salzman Sagan.  It shows a male and a female human being; the man’s right hand raised in a gesture of greeting.  At the time of this writing, Pioneer 10 has reached the edge of our solar system and is poised to enter interstellar space.  Should an alien intelligence intercept these spacecrafts, perhaps several million years from now, these plaques will be a benevolent message to them from the people of Earth.

nasa Pioneer-10 & 11-concept-art

NASA Pioneer 10 & 11 Spacecraft Interstellar Greeting Plaque Artwork

Artifactory’s replica will be made of gold-anodized aluminium, and come mounted on a plaque suitable for wall hanging. An explanation of every piece of artwork on the plaque will be provided.


Interstellar Greeting: 9″ x 5.75″

overall plaque size: TBD

price: $189